AMR Surveillance Portal


A comprehensive software system for pan India AMR surveillance program. Implemented through a vast network across 15 states, 250 districts through 150 centers including various Healthcare Institutions/Hospitals/ Research Centers across India for data collection, feed, and analysis of to understand trends of emerging resistance.

We have mapped emerging microbial resistance pattern for more than 40 antibiotics/combinations for close to 25000 strains and helpings Physicians to take an informed decision on designing therapy.

Key Features of AMR Surveillance Portal

  • User-friendly in data entry and interpretation.
  • More than 36500 members and growing regularly.
  • Specially designed in the Indian context.
  • AMR Surveillance Portal right now working with 34 pathogens and 40 antimicrobials.
  • More than 80000 site visits for AMR Surveillance Portal BIOGRAM's.
  • More than 15 states of India are included in AMR Surveillance Portal software for a clear picture of resistance issue.

The State Of World Antibiotic Resistance

Source: CDDEP & WHO AMR Global Surveillance Report

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