Providing innovative solutions for unmet medical needs & to be a partner of choice for pharma research across the value chain.

Medical research and development form the foundation of the Venus Medicine Research Centre. It is the medium that turns our vision of meeting unmet medical needs into reality. The scientists of VMRC apply their scientific knowledge to drug research and development to understand diseases and various medical problems in a better way. They convert their findings and intellect into practical solutions to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions to the suffering patients and society at large. Development of new drugs, changes to the existing ones, testing of novel solutions, and devising treatments to combat diseases constitute the skeleton of drug research and development in pharmaceutical development companies.

Innovation Program

Patients are at the core of our thinking and we make sure that our efforts do not end with developing a new product or therapy, but extend beyond to provide a holistic solution to the patients. Our innovation program focuses some of the toughest health care challenges including AMR and oncology. We are working relentlessly towards our aim of possibilities to patients so as to reduce their sufferings by providing better solutions for unmet medical needs.

Anti-microbial Resistance

The alarming trend in the rise of resistance to existing antibiotics and the downturn in the development of new antibiotics will lead to the catastrophe.



Another key focus area of research is Cancer diagnostic and therapeutics. Scientists at VRL are working on target-based drug delivery for cancer treatment technology.



We involved in research integrating modern NDDS/Nanotechnology with ancient herbal wisdom. This approach has resulted in patented products such as Ampucare, Acnano & Trois.


Preserve the Core, Stimulate the Progress!

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