Success Stories

Case Study :

From past 2 decades Venus Remedies Limited (VRL), has worked to discover, develop and commercialize medications to advance the care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases in areas of unmet medical needs.

VRL is actively involved in In-Licensing and Out-Licensing of technologies across globe. A case is presented wherein Technology is sourced from outside India i. e. USA and developed to detect solid tumor (Breast Cancer).

Identifying Need Gap

In India, the number of people suffering from cancer is expected to increase to 40 lakh by 2020, and the number of people dying of it each year is expected to rise to 11.5 lakh. In more than 70% of the cases cancer is not diagnosed at the advanced stages of the disease, which leads to a poor survival and high mortality rate.

About 1.3 lakh fresh cases of breast cancer are reported in India every year; a decade ago the number stood at 54,000. Doctors attribute this increase to both rise in awareness among people and rise in cases of cancer.


Technology In – Licensing



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