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    (Govt. Approved Commercial Testing Laboratories)

    Venus Medicine Research Center (VMRC), a DSIR approved, GLP accredited center from National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority, is committed to develop novel, innovative research products at par with global quality standards and solutions for therapeutics; which focuses on drug development based on NDDS, targeted drug deliveries, Molecular biology research, developing non infringing formulations for regulated and semi regulated markets and cater to complete formulation development needs right from F&D to market launch along with integrated herbal medicine and nano-formulation research. We have an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced scientists who constantly strive for Execution and Excellence.


    • Mycoplasma testing
    • In vitro safety and efficacy study on cell lines
    • Clonogenic assay
    • Cell adhesion assay
    • Comet assay
    • Micro-nucleus test
    • Cytogenetics services which involve chromosomal instability assays including testing the effects of environmental chemicals, new therapeutic regimens, cancer research studies, and DNA damage response studies
    • Protein isolation, purification and expression study.
    • RNA and DNA isolation
    • DNA synthesis
    • Gene expression study
    • Membrane permeability study
    • Drug uptake study
    • Kinetic studies
    • MTT assay
    • Tunnel assay
    • Cytotoxicity assay
    • Gene characterization using PCR


    • Toxicity studies:- Acute & Sub-Acute Toxicity, Chronic & Sub-Chronic Toxicity, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity studies in rodents and non rodents (rabbits)
    • Pharmacology studies:- Wound healing, Inflammation,Arthritis, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes, CNS disorders, Respiratory disorders, GIT disorders, analgesic activity, Disc degeneration,Mouse protection test in rodents and non rodents (rabbits)
    • Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies:- PK-PD analysis, ADME studies and Tissue distribution studies in rodents and rabbits
    • Safety Pharmacology:- Evaluation of the effects of drugs or bio-materials for safety and on the function of vital organ systems, plethysmography and Supplementary tests such as tail flick, body temperature, convulsant activity, motor incoordination and bleeding time.
    • Histopathology studies:- Slide preparation and interpretation,special staining techniques and immunohistochemistry including TUNEL assay
    • Micro-nucleus test Cytogenetics services which involve chromosomal instability assays including testing the effects of environmental chemicals, new therapeutic regimens, cancer research studies, and DNA damage response studies
    • Protein isolation, purification and expression study I) RNA and DNA isolation
    • Training (with minimum five students batch)*:- Training on basics and ethics of animal experimentation and maintenance of animal house facility, overview of various toxicity studies (from research and regulator y perspective) and pharmacological studies (efficacy studies, safety studies and PK-PD studies). Practicals on animal handling and various route of drug administration


    • Identification and serotyping of bacterial pathogens
    • Bacterial conjugation study
    • Efflux pump study
    • In vitro testing including MIC, AST, MBC and TKC
    • Fractional inhibitory concentration study
    • Biofilm development
    • Bacterial endotoxin testing & sterlity testing
    • In-process, bulk and drug product release testing I) Genotoxicity (AMES) test
    • Microbial enumeration test


    • ANALYTICAL METHOD DEVELOPMENT :-For Drug Product (Formulations) & Drug Substance (API) Non pharmacopoeial – dosage forms of solids, liquids, injectable (liquid and lypholized)
    • ANALYTICAL METHOD VALIDATION & METHOD VERIFICATION :-Pharmacopoeial / Non pharmacopoeial for Drug product & Drug Substance by UV-VIS, HPLC, GC or GC-HS procedures under guidelines of ICH
    • STABILITY TESTING AND STORAGE:-Analytical Research Lab has extensive experience in conducting all four zones stability studies for all type of dosage forms in different matrices
    • Storage Stability Conditions: -
    • Long term condition : 25ºC / 60% RH
    • Intermediate condition : 30ºC / 65% RH and 30ºC / 75% RH
    • Accelerated condition : 40ºC / 75% RH
    • Refrigerated : 2-8ºC
    • Intermediate for 2-8ºC products : 15ºC
    • Comprehensive testing capabilities also include Dissolution, Karl Fischer, Auto titrator, Viscosity, Conductivity, IRMoisture
    • balance


      • Patentability & Prior Art Search
      • Drafting : Complete Specifications
      • Filing in India/PCT/ISR/International
      • Reply to examination report (Indian/ PCT/International)
      • Patent Grant & Maintenance
      • Trademark searching, filing, prosecution, opposition & maintenance
      • Copyright Filing & Maintenance


        • Dossier preparation & filing (DCG(I)/eCTD/Nees/Non EU CTD/ACTD)
        • Post approval product life cycle support including variation application (Type IA, IB, II, Group), Renewal application, Risk management plan, PSUR (Authorizing and Submission Management), MA Transfer, Readability Assessment, CPP
        • Take over and manage all phases of the market authorization procedure in EU : Decentralized procedure (DCP) in all EU member states, Mutual Recognition Procedure (MRP), National Procedure
        • Scientific advice/consultation with regulatory authorities
        • Provide QP and Quality/Clinical/Nonclinical experts
  • Venus Medicine Research Center (VMRC) is the leading GLP Certified, DSIR approved Indian CRO with world class govt approved commercial testing laboratories providing drug discovery and development services in the area of Analytical, Bio-analytical, Pre-Clinical, Microbiology , Molecular biology, Intellectual Property and Regulatory consultancy services MRC has consistently provided world class Industrial Training Internship to students and professionals in clinical research Medical affairs, Drug Regulatory Affairs, Cell Culture and Molecular Biology and Microbiology. We welcome all bright energetic candidates to take this opportunity and explore the growth possibilities in their field of choice through VMRC Industrial Training Internship.

    Trainings Offered :

    Advanced Clinical Research Training (2 months and 6 Months Highlighted topics for 2 month training Advanced Medical Affairs Training (2 Months and 6 months) : Highlighted Topics for 2 months training
    Hand on experience with protocol and scientific writing (Basics of Protocol and scientific writing) Scientific content writing for product promotion
    Product Surveillance and safety pharmacovigilance Article search and analysis
    Data collection and Interpretation, Scientific writing and manuscript KOL identifications and management
    Field work (meetings with doctors, Initiating and /or supporting previous projects) Identifying and recommending new prescribers for publication and prescription generation
    Basic training and hand on experience on key activities related to pharmacovigilance Support in medical writing
    Basic Training on Medical Dictionary for Drug Regulatory Activities MedDRA Field training and support
    AE/ADR/SAE Reporting Systems & Forms and Narrative Writing
    Periodic Safety Updates Reports (PSURs) for Marketed Drugs (ICH E2C)


    Drug Regulatory Affairs Cell Culture and Molecular Biology
    Pre-Clinical Analytical Research and Development

    Terms and Conditions

    Selection will be as per the norms of VMRC Six Months Training Fee will be Rs 6000/- per month, a total of Rs 36000/- only inclusive of taxes
    Candidate will require to sign an confidentiality agreement with VMRC before joining Candidate will pay the fee in full before start of the training
    Training will be at Head Office Panchkula, Baddi and Field work in Tricity Training Content may be altered based on VMRC needs
    Two month training fee will be Rs. 10000/- per month (Taxes Inclusive) Candidate will be awarded a training certificate post completion
    Venus Remedies is one ot the “Best Company To Work For” as recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute after a survey among 550 Indian Companies. For more details please visit : or email at or call at 01723933199
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