R & D Pipeline

  • Sr.No Segment Product Code Category F & D Pre-Clinical Clinical Trials Phase-I, II Clinical Trials Phase-III Regulatory Approval
    1 Antimicrobial Resistance VRP-001 Oral Antibiotic
    2 VRP-033 Oral Antibiotic
    3 VRP-008 Novel Aminoglycoside
    4 VRE-001 Novel Aminoglycoside
    5 Oncology VRP-1620 Cancer Detection
    6 VRP-007 Targeted Delivery
    7 Diagnostic Detect Typhoid detection
  • Sr.No Segment Name of the Product / Code No. Product Description Category F & D Phase Pre-Clinical Clinical Trials Phase-I Clinical Trials Phase-II Regulatory Approval
    1 Pain Management VRP018 Herbal pain killer Pain Killer
    2 Sleep Disorder Sleepwell Aroma therapy Sleep Inducer
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