Novel Therapies

  • Elores:- Caters to Gram negative ESBL and MBL infections including those resistant to penems (due to metallobeta lactamses)

    Patent protected novel antibiotic adjuvant entity for ESBL & MBL infections

    Vancoplus:- Caters to multidrug resistant gram positive pathogens mainly MRSA, VISA & HGISA

    Patent protected novel antibiotic adjuvant entity for infection caused by Gram positive resistant pathogens such as MRSA and VRSA

    Potentox:- Caters to gram negative multi drug resistance caused by aminoglycoside and quinolone resistant strains

    A unique patent protected antibiotic adjuvant entity for gram negative non-ESBL multi drug resistant pathogens, specially in aminoglycoside and quinolone resistance

  • ampucareseptiloc

    A Novel Topical Herbal Wound Healing Product for Chronic Non Healing Wounds


    Sanovul is topical polyherbal oil formulation for complete management of slow/non-healing wounds with ingredients of natural origin.

  • achnil

    Achnil is a unique NSAID injection with controlled release mechanism, which releases the drug immediately to provide instant relief and then sustained release to last for more than 20 hours which address key unmet need in the pain Management market


    Trois is nano-tech based microemulsion of natural origin for pain and inflammation. The herbs used in the product are known for their medicinal property and are well documented for safe use with no side effects.

  • ezenus
    A sugar free herbal candy with multiple ingredients providing multiple benefits like tackling oxidative stress, boosting anti-oxidant capacity, preventing oxidative stress mediated harmful effects on liver & immune system, detoxifying the body organs and/or systems with no side effects.

  • sumpime

    It is a broad spectrum antibiotic covering infections caused by both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, especially hospital and community acquired pneumonia resistance to Cefepime.


    It is indicated for the treatment of patients with infections caused by susceptible ESBL producing and non ESBL producing strains resistant to Ceftazidime.


    Intravenous infusion indicated for pre/post surgical prophylaxis (mainly in intra abdominal surgeries), intra-abdominal infections of bacterial and/or protozoal origin (amoebiasis/giardiasis) and appendicitis.

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